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These sites are intended to make you chuckle, chortle and snigger at the humour they contain. Some actually manage to do it very well, others are there more for you to look at and reminisce about how funny people used to be. There are opportunities for you to purchase novelty items, some of which are associated with very funny TV shows, and other sites for you to try your hand at some games. Whatever your idea of fun, something here will take you fancy.
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Novelties for sale

3 stars South Park - Comedy central site. All sorts of fun to be had with the four boys from Colorado. Site Guide

3 stars The Dilbert Zone - Buy your Dilbert merchandise online. A host of other stuff to do here as well. Site Guide

3 stars Comet Systems - Buy/rent cursor shapes. See your cursor change from the boring arrow or hand, with free 5 second download. Site Guide

3 stars Disney - Disney's website. A whole world of Disney, from gifts, to a radio station, to a cruise line. Site Guide

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4 stars Lee and Herring - Official L & H site. Loads to browse through from the fans, including a database of favourite quotes and highlights from the TV show. Site Guide

4 stars Britcoms - British sitcom site. Links to all the pages on British comedy programmes. Some official, some not so. Site Guide

4 stars - Jokes etc. Funny stories, embarrassing moments, you name it they are all here. Site Guide

4 stars The Comedy Zone - BBC comedy online. Buy BBC comedy products, or play some of the games. Browse the site for your favourite show. Site Guide

4 stars Eddie Izzard Online - Official site. There is lots of info here, some good pictures and some online buying opportunities. Site Guide

4 stars Chris Morris Guff - Archive of Morris humour. Download clips from all the shows involving Morris, including Brass Eye and The Day Today. Site Guide

3 stars Amused - Time wasting distractions. Lots of different items here to fill you with mirth. Jokes database, fat dancing guy, and torture a fish. Site Guide

3 stars The Goodies Rule OK - Goodies site. Australian site packed with info and pictures of the Goodies, with links to other related pages. Site Guide

3 stars Jongleurs - Useful for booking your tickets. Find info on the comedians performing at the 8 venues around the country. Read a short biog of each and see where they are on next. Do not bother reading the jokes page. Site Guide

3 stars Ask Jesus - Spoils the surprise if we tell you what it does. Simply type in the URL of the page you want to 'jesusify' and watch the often hilarious results.

2 stars The Onion - Online humour magazine. US specific, but slightly amusing nevertheless. Site Guide

2 stars The Stand - Scottish comedy club site. Details all the shows from the Fringe festival. Site Guide

2 stars The Mark Thomas Product - Topical humour. Hard hitting political comment, with a few jokes thrown in. Not much to laugh at, but thought provoking site. Site Guide

2 stars The Black Piano - Online comic strip. Quite bizarre site containing little cartoon strips. Some are even amusing.

2 stars UK Laughter Links - Comedy dates. Little slow, and not much content from this Scene One site. Good listings section. Site Guide

2 stars National Game Review. - Parody site. Makes fun of computer games, but quite US specific, so some of the jokes do not work so well for UK viewers. Site Guide

2 stars Slash dot - Humour from internet surfers. A lot of internet specific humour here. Bills itself as 'news for nerds'. Enough said. Site Guide

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